Blog shopping…


I’ve always been indecisive, never found it easy to decide on what to wear, what to eat, what movie to watch, there was even an instance where I struggled to decide which stall to use in a public restroom…:S Basically, it nuh easy fi mek up mi mind.

With that being said, I’ve been trying to find the right site to open a blog spot, guess u could say I’m blog shopping… friends, it isn’t easy at all. I’m looking for a myriad of things including colourful themes, easy set up and easy access for U my followers who have time to sit and read my little insignificant rantings (this is the point u disagree and say, “No Alwill, your thoughts r needed in our life”) 😀

I think I’m gonna settle here for a while, set up a tent, start a fire maybe and read a book…we will c how it goes, because I may change my mind soon and that R the truth….


3 thoughts on “Blog shopping…

  1. Staf

    “No Alwill, your thoughts r needed in my life”…{and they call me the crazy one}..anyhoo. i look forward to giving you minutes each day (that i will never get back) 🙂

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