Of suitcases and laters…


I typed the title and tears sprang to my eyes, it is amazing the way words affect my emotions…

People who know me well, know I don’t say “good bye” I always say later; later in the day, later in the year, later in our lives, but never good bye.

Good bye is too final for me. It has no promise of a reunion within it, so I simply refuse to use it. Instead I say later, yeah I have issues, but who doesn’t.

As much as “later” comforts me, I’m not looking forward to saying this on or before the 21st, the day I will board that plane to experience life in a new world…Canada, land of the Maple tree and Niagra Falls.

A world I’ve never seen, but have heard various tales about. It is never an easy decision to pack up and launch out in the quest to “follow your heart”, never easy to say later to friends and family who have been your safety net all your life.

I went through a list of possible things to take with me to Canada and for a moment I wished I could pack people in my suitcases, no, I’m not psychotic, maniac, or a serial killer. I just want to transport my friends and family to help me maintain normalcy in my new life. kinda taking my safety net with me…sigh.

I read a book once, or was it a movie I watched…hmmm, it sounds more profound to say I read it, so I read a book once that said a journey always begins with a tear… I can testify. I’ve always been easy to cry. I know I’m gonna bawl my eyes out…as my friends line up to give their tribute of love and devotion at my throne, and I shall stretch forth my sceptre and they shall kiss it as a sign that I have granted them pardon for all the years of….*slap* damn, I was day dreaming while typing…yeah, so I’m going to cry, bawl even as I reflect on how much I will miss home…

I’ve often questioned my need to be patriotic to this land I was born in. I’ve often ridiculed her for affording me second class citizenship in the global community. However Jamaica is all I know. She has birth in me a passion to make a better life for me and young Cassanova Antonio Williams esq (my future son who will be a lawyer :D)  Jamaica has helped to shape me into who I am and for that she holds a special place in my heart…forever. I’ve never been away from Jamaica for longer than 3 weeks, never experienced living with anybody outside of my immediate family, all that will change and soon…I am as nervous as a cow in a patty shop, but I am ready…no turning back now, all systems go 😀

4 thoughts on “Of suitcases and laters…

  1. Judith Campbell-Jones

    Bull in a China store, Bertie honey. But yuh right I would be nervous if I was cow in a patty shop. 🙂 You made me tear up too. But is who yuh ah call backside *subject* yuh evva stretch out nuh scepter to me a grab it and give yuh a rahtid ‘fabricking’. Think a you alone can pun :D. Anyway, you a guh have more fun than you can see right now. And you are going to save and savour every moment and you are going to miss home a lot but you are going to be thrilled with all the new experiences you will have.
    Just please doan come back here with no twang and no ‘eh’ at the end of your sentences.

  2. Lance Graham

    Funny enough, I don’t spend a lot of time with you on phone or in person, who am I kidding, I don’t spend anytime with you. But this brought my emotions out. I know you will be in good hands in Canada. I wish you all the best and may you enjoy yourself immensely whether at work or play and don’t for get to say hi to the “local” dude when you get all “developed”. lol. Take care Albert!

  3. Lawd Massah…Mind yu make mi start bawl dun the place man….cho. cant take you. Well Berty ARE as i always say Albut I know that your name will be amongst the stars. One day I will say “mi did know him”…and I may be just a tad jealous so I will tell Ophelia (my future daughter) about the female falcon DWL. But I know you will do well and I dont know why mi so proud like a mi but i am PROUD and happy so tap the bawling now and go make us even prouder.

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