Come outta ppl bedroom…


I was recently drawn to the headline of The Jamaican Star *vomits*…”Furry Burger eater beaten”…now I had several issues with this;

1. Y is there a need to report on this?

2. Y was it on the cover of a major newspaper?

I won’t tackle the first two issues because frankly, the star is not worth my time. The main issue that compels me to write this blog is how the hell wha di man do wid him mouth concern ppl? Why people think they have a right to dictate to others how they should conduct themselves within the confines of their bedrooms? As long as it occurs between consenting adults, how the hell you should tell them not to do it? Jamaicans have a serious case of TOO-DAMN-FASS-ITIS, it is chronic and have resulted in people losing eyes, skin and even life, we need to stop it.

Now imagine this man enjoy performing oral sex on his woman, he has never borrowed anybody’s mouth, or tongue, he uses the one he was given to pleasure women and nagga, being enslaved by popular view decide to beat him, because him a dem pickney and dem must tell him fi stop it….am I the only one who have issues with this? I swear if some a dem were experiencing oral sex they wouldn’t have time fi a beat ppl…I guess it boils down to jealousy…dem too too damn outadda man.

The damn dunces we have that walk around calling themselves entertainers is another set. Had it not been for homosexuals and those who indulge in oral sex, some of these dunces would not get any “forward” at stage shows, they have no other topic that they can speak to the people on. What’s even worse is that NUFF  A DEM DJ A DWEET TOO! I think we need to get to the place where we respect each other enough to live and let live….it r the truth.

5 thoughts on “Come outta ppl bedroom…

  1. FYI mi fren a di same dunce dem a buy and read di paper, we will never get to the place where we can see people business and leave it alone, that’s just wishful thinking. It are neva gonna happen!!!!!!!!

  2. Avril Scarlett

    As sad as it is, Jamaica will never get to that place where everybody’s business ah dem own! Each household inculcate what they deem to be “their” tuth or reality and the only thing that will help is when people start rebelling and standing up for privacy. I never know that a topic of such nature was on the front page of the Star and that is why I dont read it.

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