It’s a long time I have not done this, feels like I’m having a writer’s drought. Well have no fear, I am back….*fanfare and confetti*. 

I’ve landed safely in the land of the maple leaf, dearly beloved. I can say this is truly a first world country. A dear friend asked me if I feel like I am in “farin” and without a doubt I KNOW I am in “farin”. Haven’t seen many Jamaicans, well, except the lady who came on the bus and broke out in praise because she got a seat…0_o, but that’s another post entirely. I’ve seen a lot of Asian, Caucasians, Asians, Latino, Asians, Blacks and did I say Asians already….they are all over the place and though I get confused and wonder if I’m in Asia or North America, I’m just happy to see them. It reminds me that Canada celebrates multiculturalism and it makes me breathe easier.  

I was warned by many people about the brand of cold that exist in Canada and to be honest, it isn’t as bad as they said, just goes to show how dramatic Jamaicans can be. Still, I’m loving the scarves, boots, gloves and coats, it feels very fashionable and I feel like I was born to do this :D. I bought long johns, though it is the most unattractive piece of garment I have ever worn, it is extremely vital for my scrotum. I praise the Lord for them like the old woman on the bus.

So far, so good, Canada has been good to me and I’m gonna do my best by her….miss Jamaica, but welcome the change and it r the truth.

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