Stranger than fiction…o_0


I pledged never to write about the people around me in my blogs. This is if we become friends and they stumble upon it eventually, that would be awkward. However, I have to write about my experience last night which still has me pinching myself.

Last night I had an encounter with a random girl, she might as well have been a ghost because I don’t know where she came from, neither where she went after.

I live in a shared space with five men. We all have our own rooms, but we share bathrooms and kitchen area. Now this situation lends itself to so many stories, but we will have those on another day.

This particular Saturday I sat down to dinner of curried chicken and white rice. I heard a knock on my door and there was this red-head waving to me in the doorway. This is unusual, because I have never seen a woman in this house. She introduce herself and was kind enough to apologize for the alcoholic fumes leaving her body because it is her day off and she has been drinking, so she maybe drunk. Wait, it isn’t awkward yet.

She said she smelled my dinner and it smelled so good that she was wondering if I have any more so that she may have some. Please understand that this is a common joke among Jamaicans back home. We will ask to share in a stranger’s meal as a compliment to how good it looks or smell, but will definitely not accept after the polite consent from the cook. A Jamaican friend of mine shared how he was severely beaten by his mother because she caught him accepting food from the neighbours; What made it worse was that it was a dumpling… that warrants the death penalty in Jamaica. This tacit rule is rooted deep in our culture and we all blindly obey it without thought to question its origin. Anyway, back to Miss Thing….I nervously laughed at the request and she laughed too, but I became confused because she was looking with expectancy. I said to her that I don’t have any left as I only prepared for one . Now please understand my surprise when Miss Thing takes the plate from my hand and starts eating….as God is my witness it r the truth. She shovelled too clumps of chicken into her mouth before I even registered what was happening. She handed me back the plate while informing me she graduated from George Brown with a Food Management degree and my dinner is very tasty… as if I didn’t know; I told her thanks with a smile.

She goes further to take my cup and begin drinking. At this point I started looking around for a hidden camera because clearly this was a prank, it had to be. She then steps beyond me, sits on my bed and starts shooting questions at me about where I’m from and what I am doing in Canada …looking around the room as she speaks. Then Miss Thing removes her shoes, so I say, “This feels so surreal, like I am in an updated version of Goldy Locks and the three bears.” She responds, “…but there are only two bears,” and starts to cackle…0_O She eventually left, well not before taking some more of the rice and giving me a high-five. 

Can somebody explain to me what happened? I’ve never had this experience in my life and I am too shock to be angry. Can anybody say if this has happened to them and if I should expect more encounters like this? Clearly I am not in Kansas any more Toto…and that r the truth.

9 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction…o_0

  1. #DEAD

    Mi kyaahn manidge! Waaaeeeee!

    This is not typical. At all. I don’t think you’ll experience something like this unless shi buck yu again. Which is possible…since yu curry did taste suh nice. LOL

  2. jodian

    Mi kyan jos imajin yu stiet of shak Berty. Trus mi shi no naamal. Shi paranaamal. Yu dam loki, yu mek shi get as far as yu bed an yu liv fi tel di tale. Be veri kierful. No tros no shado afta daak.

    Kaak op aal di huol dem wen yu a kuk so di sent a di fuud no eskiep. lol


    (Cassidy LePage Writing System)

  3. Judith Campbell-Jones

    Hello Bertie,
    remember when I told you to embrace every new experience in your new home? Well it seems to me you are off and RRRRUUUNNNIINNGGG!!!. It was very strange but as usual you managed to have me cracking up. I think you are going to have several more of these incidents and I only pray that they all turn out this humorous. To parrot Jodian. Be very careful . Do not trust any shadow after dark fi reeeaaalllll. Let’s hope she did not bug your room or set up some tiny viewing device. (Ta na na na na) *Twilight Zone theme music*. Your ears must burn you all the time still. We all miss you so much still.
    Keep safe
    Stay Cool
    Nuff Luv

  4. U have a talent fi make ppl lauf…mi say likkle most dem fire mi Berty di way mi deh a di ppl dem work a buss big lauf like mi deh home a watch sitcom. aieesah

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