Budding Journalist.


After working five years as a teacher I wanted a change in my life; a change that would facilitate me doing something that I love, writing.313891_10151701306858312_982273434_n


I envisioned days sitting in a coffee shop or on a park bench using figurative devices to construct scenes that whisked readers away to fantastical destinations. I desired to have words and imagination at the core of my being; to write daily and  learn new words with the opportunity to share them with readers.  I craved a space that would facilitate me playing with words and writing thoughts with like-minded people. So, I enrolled into J-school. Though I have gotten excellent grades so far, the romantic expectations I had of a life in Journalism is slowly fading as I pull closer to the finish line.

I am a frustrated writer. I adore words and the power they contain to provoke thought, trigger emotions and inform. Yet, the style of writing for news reporting is stripped of the imaginative and uninhibited world of words that I adore. If it is not concise, it has to be clear, or just devoid of emotions and opinion. My creativity is yoked into being a staccato expression of thought that falls in line with all that has gone before and all that will come after.

So what do I do now? Should I throw in the towel and quit because my expectations have been slapped silly by reality?

It is not within me to quit, I instead have decided to focus on the merits of this new lane that I’m in, and continue to learn and grow.

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