1st world reality…


Do you remember that story about country mouse and town mouse? Well, the story creates a scenario where two worlds meet, exposing how different they are and how difficult it is for inhabitants of either world to live within this new context… Let me tell you something, I am a legitimate 3rd world mouse mingling with 1st world mouse and to call it a culture shock would be an understatement.

Everyday is a new eye opener for me, yes, the same Albert who prides himself on being open minded and liberal. Canada has taught me so far that I have been so unexposed.

I never realized how polite I was until I got to Canada. Everybody I see on entering a building I tell good day, however it is rare when I get a response, even when they make eye contact. I may have to cut back on this because it may be a tell tale sign of a new immigrant. I was pulled aside and told that people in Toronto don’t wish to be spoken to, especially during winter, they just want to go on with their lives.

I met a Jamaican yesterday, I knew she was Jamaican before she spoke to me because she had a very Jamaican hairstyle; the Shabba Ranks “Trailer Load” video was missing a cast member because she was sitting in the mall wearing a security guard uniform. When I spoke to her she asked me where in Jamaica I’m from and right then and there I made a connection in a land I have no direct family members. So strange how these things work.

Have you ever seen a building 170 stories tall? Have you ever tried to see the top from the base of this building? Well my dear, picture this 3rd world mouse trying to do so and it was when I saw myself in my head that I realize how frightened I appear. I’ve always loved architecture, statues and monuments and Canada afford me the luxury of seeing them daily. The churches are all lovely, the statues are gorgeous, the parks are immaculate and the fake hair looks real, yes, it doesn’t just sit there on the head, it actually moves with the wind…except the Jamaican security guard. For the untrained eye you may think it is real, but thanx to Tyh and Caprece, I know how to spot a good Brazilian hair piece a mile away :D. 

I love this next fact and it is exciting each and every time. You can check the bus schedule and actually work with it. The bus arrives at the specified time stated on the schedule. If you miss that bus another one will be there in less than 5 minutes. Now tell mi if that isn’t exciting? Taking the bus is not frowned upon either. “Ohh, me, I don’t take the bus,” is a common expression in Jamaica. Well my dear, everyone takes it here, whether you are heading to work in a suit and tie, or travelling home from the supermarket, or just came in with a suitcase from the airport. The public transport system has all types and it isn’t an issue; I love that. I have to give shout out to the “subway workers”. Now, this is what I call the folks who walk onto the subway and use it as their personal runway. Tyra would be proud and I am in LOVE with the front row seats I am given. Can you tell I am enjoying this?

Now another shocker just occured as I typed, LIGHT WENT, yes, I guess it isn’t only the JPS that these things happen with. Now I had to go check if someone was tampering with my electricity source, but it really did happen, light did go for real. JPS I apologize.

I will continue to write about my experiences and talk about the difference that exist between Jamaica and my new home, it is different and cold but I like it and it r the truth.