We are not Free….


Recently I made a declaration on Facebook, that I do not believe people choose their sexual orientation. As is typical with my status comments, it elicited  a range of responses, from support, to indifference and of course a few disagreeing with my position. However, one comment provoked me to examine my own thoughts on free-will; ‘God gives us choice in every aspect of our lives….” Simple reasoning would prove this statement invalid, as none of us choose our parents, our date of birth, or nationality, yet these seem diminutive when juxtaposed with other aspects of our lives where we have no choice.

I’ve always believed in Predetermination, the idea that every event is caused, not simply by the immediately prior events, but by a causal chain of occurrences that goes back well before recent events. For example, one’s personal characteristics are predetermined by socialization and heredity, by a chain of events going back before one’s birth. Children born in the ghetto to a poor dysfunctional family are predetermined to live a life of crime or debauchery. One could argue that some make it out of the ghetto and lead successful lives, but even this is predetermined by factors outside of that person, factors they make no decision on; opportunity, motivation, “the drive” to make things better for themselves. This  does have seriously implications on our penal and reward system, as this reasoning suggest that criminals are not responsible for their deeds, and people are not responsible for their own successes. My personal belief is that society makes criminals then punishes them for being criminals, but that is for another blog spot.

I’ve pondered on the following disposition where I love honey roasted peanuts, they are delicious. I also love peanut cake and may say it is a confection that I was addicted to as a student at University, yet I cannot put peanut butter in my mouth, the very smell of it makes me nauseous…how come? I did not choose to dislike peanut butter, neither did I try not to like it, it was predetermined by something in my genetic coding. 

With advancements in science, we are able to see that genuine dysfunctions exist that cause students to be slow at Math and other technical subjects. For years they have been labelled as slow, dunce, or just lazy, yet we realize this exist outside of their ability to control it. The spin-off due to this dysfunction that they had no control over has led many of them down unsavoury paths. So are they free, or predetermined?

I should hasten to say I think there are some points at which persons make decisions, but even the options are based on predetermined factors, so how free is there choice? There are studies to show that human behaviour is affected by so many external factors, that coupled with those based on genetics, it is ridiculous to say we have free-will.

The idea that people are free agents making decisions based on an unlimited course of action is flawed and should be examined honestly. As it relates to sexual orientation; homosexuality is as much a choice as heterosexuality and it r the truth.


Come outta ppl bedroom…


I was recently drawn to the headline of The Jamaican Star *vomits*…”Furry Burger eater beaten”…now I had several issues with this;

1. Y is there a need to report on this?

2. Y was it on the cover of a major newspaper?

I won’t tackle the first two issues because frankly, the star is not worth my time. The main issue that compels me to write this blog is how the hell wha di man do wid him mouth concern ppl? Why people think they have a right to dictate to others how they should conduct themselves within the confines of their bedrooms? As long as it occurs between consenting adults, how the hell you should tell them not to do it? Jamaicans have a serious case of TOO-DAMN-FASS-ITIS, it is chronic and have resulted in people losing eyes, skin and even life, we need to stop it.

Now imagine this man enjoy performing oral sex on his woman, he has never borrowed anybody’s mouth, or tongue, he uses the one he was given to pleasure women and nagga, being enslaved by popular view decide to beat him, because him a dem pickney and dem must tell him fi stop it….am I the only one who have issues with this? I swear if some a dem were experiencing oral sex they wouldn’t have time fi a beat ppl…I guess it boils down to jealousy…dem too too damn outadda man.

The damn dunces we have that walk around calling themselves entertainers is another set. Had it not been for homosexuals and those who indulge in oral sex, some of these dunces would not get any “forward” at stage shows, they have no other topic that they can speak to the people on. What’s even worse is that NUFF  A DEM DJ A DWEET TOO! I think we need to get to the place where we respect each other enough to live and let live….it r the truth.